Lots more placeholders for appointment reminders

We just released a few improvements to appointment reminders:

- Lots more placeholders you can use (47 more to be precise).

- Better usability for entering them (no more copy/pasting or typing them in).

- You can do basic formatting (bold, italics, etc.) for your email reminders.

- You can preview your email or SMS reminders without needing to send yourself one.

- You can have placholders in the subject of the email.

The placeholders are a bit different in format than the old ones, but we've gone and updated all of your placeholders for you already.  There is nothing you need to do now, it just works like it did before.  You can however go and use the new placeholders if you like (eg. just use practitioner first name in the SMS instead of the formal title and name).

You can find these new options in Settings > Appointment Reminders.


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