Appointment confirmation emails with calendar attachment

We've just released a great improvement for Cliniko.  It will now automatically send an email confirmation to your patients when you create an appointment.  This confirmation will contain a calendar attachment so they can easily add it into their own calendar.  

This is not the same as appointment reminders that go out a day or so before the appointment, this email is sent as the appointment is created.

You can turn this off on a per appointment type basis in Settings > Appointment Types.  The default is on.

How it looks

You can customise the content of the email, but by default it will look like this.


Configure the confirmation email

You can customise the content of the confirmation email in Settings > Appointment Reminders.


You can:

  • Do basic formatting (eg. bold, italics, underline)
  • Choose from many new placeholders to insert
  • View a sample email to see how it's going to look.

Choose which appointment types use the confirmation email

In Settings > Appointment Types you can choose which appointment types use this confirmation email.  The default is set to On.  This means you will need to turn it off if you don't wish to use it.


Other useful tidbits

  • The email will contain a calendar file that lets you patients easily add the appointment to their calendars (google calendar, iPhone, Android, Outlook, etc.)
  • Patient online bookings was already sending a confirmation email.  This will replace the one from online bookings, so you now have control over the content/
  • You can customize the text of this email.  You might do this to include your cancellation policy, things to bring to the appointment or any other information you wish to provide.
  • You can view all sent confirmations in the Communications tab.


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