Referring Doctor

We've just added Referring Doctors to Cliniko.  This lets you link a referring doctor to a patient, and also use that referring doctor in your letters.

Add a referring doctor into Cliniko

Referring doctors are added as Contacts into Cliniko.  Just add a new contact like normal but make sure you set the Type to "Doctor".  If you already have doctors in your contacts, you'll just need to edit them and set their Type to "Doctor".


Note: Those of you with a keen eye might also notice the "3rd Party Payer" option there.  That's just in place for a coming update, it doesn't do anything useful just yet.


Linking a referring doctor to a patient

Edit a patient as normal, you'll now be able to choose a referring doctor from a list.  Make sure you've already added the doctor and you set the Type to "Doctor" as mentioned above.



Adding referring doctor details to letters

You can now also add referring doctor details to Letter Templates in Settings > Letter Templates.  When creating a letter, Cliniko will automatically pull in the correct details based on the referring doctor for that patient.



Other useful things

We also added the Contact Type to the contacts data export.  You can now import the type (eg. doctor, 3rd party payer) in a contacts import.

It should now be really fast to create letters to referring doctors.




We've turned off comments on this post.  People subscribe to this forum area to get our latest updates, but it can get quite noisy when there is a lot of chatter.  We do really value your ideas and comments though, so please make them here for this change (it's the original feature request).

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