Share your treatment note templates between Cliniko accounts

We've just added the ability to export and import your treatment note templates.  This means you can export out of one Cliniko account, and import into another.  To be clear, these are your treatment note templates, not the treatment notes themselves.

Why might you do this?

  • You work at multiple places that use Cliniko, now you can take your templates from one account to use in another.
  • To share with other Cliniko users (or receive templates others share with you).

We are going to set up a place on our forums shortly to facilitate you all sharing your templates with each other, we think this is going to be a huge benefit to all.

Exporting a treatment note template

Note: This does not work on Safari for Mac. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome.

  1. Go to Settings > Treatment Note Templates
  2. Select the Template you want to export
  3. Select "Export to File"



This will download a file to your downloads on your computer.  It will be named something like "Initial Consultation.json".

Importing a treatment note template

  1. Go to Settings > Treatment Note Templates
  2. Select "Import from file..."
  3. Choose the file to import and select "Open"

The treatment note template will now be in your Cliniko account.  That's it!


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  • Avatar
    Tom Brough

    This is an excellent development Joel. We are already using it. Good work!!!!

  • Avatar
    Martin Gregor

    Can someone please point me in the direction of where I can find treatment note templates that other users have uploaded. I'd like to import some to use as a base for building my own. Cheers.

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