Receptionists can now upload file attachments for patients

We just made a small tweak to permissions for users with the "Receptionist" security role.  They can now upload file attachments to patients.  Receptionists still won't be able to view uploaded attachments, they'll look like this:



We hope this helps and thanks for the feedback.

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    Laura Hamilton

    It would be good if the Power Receptionist could actually access this information- At times I am off site and need the receptionist to print a document and fax it off to a GP, so the receptionist really does need to be able to access these documents

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    Can I ask what the rationale is for a receptionist being able to upload a file (which they must by definition have access to) but then not being able to view it? I think the sooner we get customisable security permissions the better!

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    Laura Saul

    This was exactly my point when I made an earlier comment in July.  The receptionist needs to be able to see these files.  What happens if they are uploading files to multiple patients, and mix up files?  They can't check to see which files have gone where, or confirm that files have uploaded correctly. 

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