Invoice tax and rounding changes and more

Invoice tax and rounding changes

We've changed (fixed!) the way we handle invoice tax and rounding.

If you've created an invoice with a lot of taxable items on it, you've probably noticed the total doesn't always add up correctly.  The reason for this was we were rounding the total cost (price and tax) after multiplying by the quantity.  The extra fractions of a cent when multiplied by large quantities would make the total higher than it should be. 

What we now do is round this net price before multiplying by a quantity.  This means those fractions of a cent are correctly accounted for through the whole invoice.  Keep in mind these changes will only affect new invoices when you create them - we aren't changing any existing invoices on your system.


Xero integration

When turning on the Xero integration or for each individual product/billable item we ask you to choose a Xero sales account, we filter the account list to only show "Revenue" type accounts, when we should actually show all classes of revenue account, which includes the types "Revenue", "Other Income" and "Sales". This has been fixed.

Australian items without tax were being synced with Xero with the tax rate BASEXCLUDED. We have changed this behaviour for all new synchronised invoices as tax free items are now being synced as GST FREE INCOME.

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