Portuguese Translations

This is the first time we are doing translations on Cliniko and we decided to begin with portuguese as we have a portuguese speaker on our company (me! :P) that could help us with the translations!

We began translating texts that are shown to patients:

  • Patient titles (eg. dr., mrs., etc.)
  • Dates (monday, tuesday, etc. and january, february, etc.)



- Imported CSV files can now contain characters with accent, as long as they are exported with UTF-8 encoding (see below). Before this fix, these weird characters � were replacing the accented characters.


Exporting a file using UTF-8 encoding

Excel does not allow a CSV file to be exported with a UTF-8 encoding, so we recommend two approaches:


1: Use Google Docs to export the CSV file which will be automatically exported using UTF-8 encoding.



2: Use OpenOffice:


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