New business metrics reports.... with CHARTS!!!

We have just added two new reports to Cliniko... and they have CHARTS!!!!  Everyone loves charts, and now we have some in Cliniko.

Business Metrics - Patients

This report will show you a breakdown of your referral sources for the selected period.  We will be adding more information to this report soon.


Edit by JF: We just added one more chart to this report...


Business Metrics - Appointments

This report will show you a breakdown of the appointment types for a given period (you can use this to evaluate new vs return patients).  It will also show you the number of appointments by appointment type by month.  This is great to see trends.



I am confident the reaction to this will be:

  1. That's awesome! I love charts!
  2. I need more metrics... this is just a tease, I need more!

My response is:
  1. Yes, charts are awesome!  We are excited too.
  2. Please leave comments below and we will try to add to these as quick as we can.
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    James Love

    LOVE the swirly effect when the chart is generated, sadly, made my day!

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    Joel Friedlaender

    You aren't the only one :)

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    Joel Friedlaender

    We added one more chart to the patient metrics report, it is new patients by month.  See above for the edit in the post for details.

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    How about some of the following?

    hyperlinks that bring up a list of patients when we click on that section of graph or heading? Ie a list with the name, date of consult etc...

    any chance of more user customisation in terms of refining by age etc....

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    These Business Metric Reports are great!

    However we also would like to be able to get more specific data, such as:

    • links to names e.g. of new clients or clients referred from a specific source

    • More specific/refined filters for finding information e.g not just by date, but also by practitioner, or by referral source

    • We would also like a drop down menu in the area of the patient details where you put the referral source



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    Tracy L Hannigan

    I'd love something like being able to look and see which patients generated largest percentage of appointments / revenue a) over course of month and b) over course of year. And as above to be able to quickly look and see by clicking/hovering what patients were in each category. At the moment I need to export the patient data and manually search/sort. Thanks you guys are awesome!

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    Bart Lewis

    @Nick @Tracy. I like both of your ideas. I will make sure the development team see's both of these comments. Referral sources are definitely on our radar for development. I am sure a set of reports will be part of it as well. Keep the ideas coming. We love them!

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    Kristen Edwards

    We would love a report to give a dollar value of a particular booking type.  We have affiliated sporting groups who we book under different booking items, we would like to track quantity and dollar figures not just percentages of our total.  Thanks!

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    Barbara Kayton

    These are gorgeous.  Would it be possible to have the option to switch to a table format? When there are a lot of referral sources, the pie chart gets difficult to read.  It would be awesome to see the actual number of referrals from the source, instead of just the percentage.

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    Barbara Kayton

    Oops, I forgot to add, would it be possible to see a report showing patient visits for a time period (weekly, monthly, yearly) by patient.  Example: for Nov 2013 Jane Smith, 12 visits.

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    patient visits per week!!

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