Tax rounding issue fixed and a couple of other minor things

We have just fixed an issue that was causing some prices to be off by a tiny amount when the tax didn't round correctly (eg. GST may have caused a price to be off by 1 cent).  We also fixed an issue that was sometimes causing prices to be off slightly when the quantity was greater than one.

The products data import has been improved slightly too.  You can now import stock levels with it (remember that the data import will always add items and not just updated, so don't import again for existing products).  The price that the data import takes is now tax inclusive instead of tax exclusive.

These are just a few small minor fixes but I know they have caused trouble for some of you.


To take advantage of the tax rounding fix, you need to edit your billable item or product to get the price stored correctly.  For example, if you have a product that is $16 including GST.  Go back to that product, type in $16 as the price and tick the "includes tax" flag.  Cliniko will then store the price correctly (we store 3 decimal places now to fix the problem).

You do need to do this for each product or billable item that was affected.

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