Print upcoming appointments for a patient

We just added the ability to print upcoming appointments for a patient.  Just go to the patients page and click "appointments" on the left.  You will see a new button that looks like this:



This will create a PDF that you can print.


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    Lynn Chong

    I used this, it is a very good, easy to read and I am yet to hear back from the client but will let you know what they think

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    Tyraus Farrelly

    This is a really useful addition, would be even better if it had a direct email link/button similar to how we can email or print invoices.  This is useful when someone phones asking for their appointment time, and looks very professional if we have the ability to send na emmidiate email as their appointments are brought up during the phone conversation.

    Great work Guys!


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    Edward Roper

    Very useful addition, Would be great to have the option of email also, even email like that or in a format like the online bookings and use ical! 

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    Alli Lee

    It would be great if you could list all the upcoming appointments at the bottom of each printed invoice. I know Front Desk does this and is read: YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT IS...

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Alli, we do show their next appointment on the invoice as long as you have created it before you make the invoice. 

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    Terry Wharton

    We find that the appointment appears as long as you have not printed the invoice.  we make some our invoices in advance and then we print at the last minute, after our next appointments have been booked, the appointment appears even if the appointment is booked after the invoice is generated ( as long as it is prior to printing)  Regards,


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Right you are Terry!  Thanks.

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    Fiona McDonald

    This is great as we have clients who book for the whole year.  Is it possible to have a section at the top for the client details? We have just mailed out to over 100 clients and if the "invoice to" details could be added at the top the mail out would be much easier. 



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