Improvements to selecting a billable item or product on an invoice

We recently made a change that meant you search for a billable item or product when creating an invoice (instead of just choosing from a drop down list).  This is great for those of you with a lot of items in your lists as it speeds up the page quite a bit.  For those with not many though, it was an extra step that was unnecessary.  We have heard your feedback and made a change.  Now if you have less than 100 billable items in your account you will see a drop down list just like before (although it still has an optional search, you just don't have to use it).  We have done the same for products too.  

This means everyone gets the benefit of searching, but those with lots of items will need to use it before any items appear.

We are happy to admit we didn't get it right with our first change, but we listen very carefully to your feedback and really appreciate you letting us know.  We are committed to making Cliniko the best software possible and will keep revisiting every part of the system until we get it right.

It looks like this now (options are listed and there is a search):


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