Improvements to account statements

We have made a few improvements to the account statements

Appointment dates are shown

 We are now showing the date of the appointment (as well as the date of the invoice) for invoices that were created from appointments.


Payments are included

 All payments made in the selected period are now also shown on the account statement.


This is optional, they can be suppressed if preferred.


Invoice items show their "type"

We are also now showing the "type" next to invoice items (ie. product or service).



We have more changes coming soon for the account statement.

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    felix ladyzhenskii

    Hi Joel,


    This is getting better, and better, but it is still not suitable for third parties. The statement still invoices the patient instead of third party, and does not display additional info such as claim number etc. May be in the invoice window, have an option to bill 3rd party, then tick which invoices to use to create a statement for 3rd party? This way it can be done for 3rd party, or a complete set of accounts can be created for the patient.




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    Joel Friedlaender

    Thanks for the feedback Felix, we will solve this in the next couple of weeks, it's very high on our plans.

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    Philip Wulff

    Hi guys, overall this functionality is great.

    However, I have WorkCover telling me they need the Account Statement to include the following:

    • patient's details (full name & claim number) [this is included on the Invoices, but why not the Account Statement.?]

    • other specifics (eg. actual duration of a phone call or reason for the service) I currently add this info into the Invoice Notes section but these are not translated onto the Statement.

    • Payee details (I have simply typed these into the Extra Invoice info, however it takes up alot of space - could there be another field of info included to the right of both the statement & invoices to include Payee / Other Details.?)

    • Account Statement title - could it include "Tax Invoice" as well.?

    Any chance of rectifying these in the foreseeable future.?

    Cheers, Phil

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Phil,

    Yes we can improve on this, if you could add it to the ideas forum that would be great.  Just click ideas in the top right of Cliniko.



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    Georgina Smith

    We have multiple practitioners working in our clinic.
    It would be great if one of the Account statement options was to pick a single practitioner.
    Thanks Georgie

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