Connect Cliniko to external calendars (eg. iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook)

We just released a huge new feature for Cliniko.  You can now connect Cliniko to many external calendars to show your schedule there.  These calendars basically "subscribe" to Cliniko and keep themselves up to date by regular polling for changes.

This can be used to display your Cliniko calendar in any calendar that allows subscribing to iCalendar.  These include:

  • Calendar for iPhone
  • Calendar for Mac
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook

We have a great guide on how to use this new feature  We'll be updating that guide with more external calendars over time.

We think this is a great addition to Cliniko, thanks for all your feedback that helped us get this feature in.


(Example of Calendar for Mac)

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    Richard Baggott la Velle

    I've just done this... both on my mac and iphone. It's awesome... great work guys!

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    Same. Mac, ipad, iphone all sync'd. Working brilliantly so far ... Thanks muchly!

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    Helen Cross

    Fantastic - easy to set up - I have been using since it became available and no issues so far.  BIG TICK :))

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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    Bree Weber

    The ical and cliniko integration works great.

    However, would it be possible to have the name of why it is unavailable displayed on ical (for example) we are unavailable for the queens birthday??

    Also can the unavailability blocks be displayed separately from the appointment times. If there are a lot of appointments it can flood the iPhone. For example (cliniko appointments) & (cliniko unavailable)...???  Thanks!!

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