Quick search when adding items to invoices and a new monthly appointments report

We have just released a couple of small changes:

Search when adding items to invoices

We have added a search box when adding items to invoices.  This is great for those of you with many services or products.


Monthly appointments report

We have added a monthly appointments report.  This is useful if you want a hard copy of your upcoming appointments or if you want a summary of appointments from the previous month.  We also combined our previous daily/weekly reports into one to make it simpler.


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    Brett Hill

    Can the quick search be turned off?


    Or can it be made so that the drop down box still comes up?


    It just makes it hard if you don't remember exactly how the item has been entered into the computer. 


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Brett,

    How many items do you have in your list?  We might make a change so that if your number of items is less than X, then we show them all.  If it's more than that we show the search.


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    Brett Hill

    We have quite a lot mate - 13 (different pre-pay options and fee categories). 

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