Storage limits are doubled on all plans

Update 06/09/2015: Plans no longer have limits.

We just released a change to our pricing plans, we have double the storage limits on all of them.  Effective immediately.

This means:

  • Solo plan was 5GB, is now 10GB
  • Team plan was 20GB, is now 40GB
  • Medium plan was 35GB, is now 70GB
  • Group plan was 60GB, is now 120GB
  • Large plan was 150GB, is now 300GB
  • University plan was 250GB, is now 500GB

Why did we do this? Glad you asked...

For a long time now people have been asking us "What happens when I use up all my storage?".  We have generally answered with something like "We don't know... noone ever has.  We promise to do something fair if you do".

Yesterday someone called us up and said "I've used up all my storage".  We promised to do something fair, so we've gone and doubled the storage on everyones plans immediately. We hope this is a fair response that you're happy with.

Enjoy your extra space and stop worrying about filling it up!


The updated plans from our website...


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