You can now choose how many appointment slots to show in online bookings

We have added a new setting so that you can choose how many appointment slots to show in the patient online bookings page.  Previously we were showing one per day segment (morning, afternoon or evening), now you can choose between one to five, or unlimited.

The new setting is in Settings > Online Bookings and looks like this:



If you set this to more than one, the online bookings will now look like this:



The default setting is still one, so if you want to take advantage of this you will need to change the setting in your account.  If you leave it as is, online bookings will behave exactly as it did before.

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    Silverstone Sports & Remedial Massage

    Loving all the new functionality and don't want to come across as.. 'if only it just did....'  but, for us, we would only be able to use the online booking if we could designate certain time slots specifically for showing online.  Because two of us share a treatment room and because we work between another clinic which is unfortunately not on Cliniko, it is currently not practical to use it as much as we would LOVE to.

    thanks for all the continued hard work,



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