Our MailChimp integration just got better

We just added a few more fields to the MailChimp integration that should be very helpful.  This means these new fields will be available in your MailChimp list and kept up to date automatically.  The new fields are:

  • Title
  • Date of Birth (this let's you have automatic emails on their birthday, see here for instructions http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/how-do-i-create-and-send-automatic-birthday-campaigns)
  • Latest Appointment Date (you can use this to filter all people without upcoming appointments... just check if this date is earlier than today.  Or you could use it to email people whose latest appointment is a few months ago)
  • Latest Business Visited (email specifically for each location)
  • Latest Practitioner Seen (email just for a specific practitioner's patients)
  • Post Code (send offers for certain areas)
We think these extra fields are going to make a big difference to your email marketing.  If you don't use MailChimp yet, now's a great time to consider doing so.  This is how you connect your Cliniko account to MailChimp... https://support.cliniko.com/entries/21331588-Integrating-Cliniko-with-your-MailChimp-account.

Please let us know what you think in the comments!
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    Ian Lawson

    Brilliant. Takes things to a whole new level.

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    Luke MHC

    Can the birthday month field be added to mailchimp as it makes it easier to create groups as opposed to individually scrolling and selecting?

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    Any chance of filtering male v female??

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    Victoria Kate Armstrong

    Hi, I love having the Date of Birth field added through to the MailChimp integration, but as per the link we also need a 'Birthday' field to be created from the DOB and fed through ... i.e. the month of the birth or the date of the birthday without the year.

    "Use the Annually recurring event workflow type to send birthday cards or coupons. Choose whether your subscribers should receive your email before or on their birthday, design the email, and start the workflow. Your list or segment must contain a _Birthday _field to trigger this type of workflow."

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    Bart Lewis

    Hi Victoria! You will be able to use the date of birth we send over. If you go through the automation work flow in MailChimp it will automatically recognize and allow you to use the date of birth field. 

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    Blake Hampson

    Why don't ALL the Cliniko patient fields push to MailChimp? And why isn't it a 2 way sync? This would add a lot of extra functionality for Cliniko users by leveraging MailChimp (marketing automation etc.).

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