Cliniko API is now in Beta

We just released a small change that begins the "beta" of our Cliniko API.  Our API basically lets other software vendors integrate with Cliniko.  In the "My Info" page in Cliniko, you can create an API key for yourself, it looks like this:



It is important to know that by giving someone your API key, it gives them complete access to all the information in your account (except for changing your login details like email address and password).  Your API keys have the same permissions as your user account.  It is important that you only give this key to trusted software providers, as your data security is only as good as the providers that have access to it.

Deleting an API key immediately blocks access to your account via that key.

We already have quite a few software companies wishing to integrate with Cliniko, these range from:

  • Mobile software for treatment notes
  • Directories to help get you more bookings
  • Referral software
  • Exercise programs
We expect to see these vendors begin integrating with Cliniko now and we'll be excited to announce software applications that may be of interest to you as soon as they are ready.

If you have any questions about any of this please do make a comment.

Note: For those of you that may be looking to integrate with Cliniko, you can find our API documentation here
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