A few minor improvements for online bookings

We just released three small changes for patient online bookings:

Hide the end time of appointments

There is now a setting that lets you hide the end time of your appointments from the online bookings site.  This is useful for those of you that include a bit of extra time in the end of your appointments for yourself.  As an example, you might have a 45minute consultation but set the appointment type as 50minutes to give yourself 5 minutes at the end of the session.  Previously your patient would have seen that they were booking in for 50 minutes, now you can hide the end time.

The setting is in Settings > Online Bookings and looks like this:


In the online bookings when they are selected an appointment time, it will look like this:


This is completely optional of course, it only affects you if you turn on the new setting.  The default is off.

The "back" and "next" buttons have been moved to the top of the screen

We had feedback that sometimes the back and next buttons were not being seen if the screen was too small (they were off the bottom of the screen and people didn't know they were there).  We have moved them to the top of the screen, it looks like this:



It no longer asks you to "Choose a Practitioner" if there is only one

We have made a small change so that it no longer asks you to choose a practitioner if there is only one practitioner to choose from.  It will instead just say "Practitioner" and already have you selected.  If there is more than one practitioner it will still work the same as before.  We check this after they have chosen the service, so it is based on the number of practitioners that provide the selected service, not the number you have in total.  It now looks like this:



We have quite a few more improvements planned for online bookings based on the feedback we have been receiving.  We really appreciate you all being so involved, it helps us a lot and we will do our bit to keep acting on it.

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    Ian Lawson

    Is it possible to allow us to select how far ahead of the current time the "block out" period for online bookings is? I know at the moment it's set such that you can't book an appointment online within the next hour, but I'd probably prefer this to be more like 2-3 hours. Some of our practitioners, if they received notification that an appointment had been booked online in say, 1 hr and 15 mins ahead of the current time, would not be able to get in to the clinic in time to see that patient (if that was their first of the day and they hadn't planned to be there until later, for example). 

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    Joel Friedlaender

    We will make this configurable shortly.  Thanks for the feedback.

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    Helena Davis

    Currently when I receive a confirmation email advising that a new client has booked in online it doesn't include the client's email address. Can this be added?

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    Shea Trattler

    What about having the option to book by practitioner or availability first (rather then being locked into booking by service). For my clinic booking by service is quite messy as there are over 15 different services and the patient don't necessarily know which service their fav practitioner provides. It would be much easier for them to choose their practitioner first, then the service that they want.   

    Also, some people just want to get any treatment they can at a certain time, and so searching through the different services is a chore. It would be much easier for them if they had the option just look immediately for available times, then select a service. 

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    F johns

    From our point of view & I know I have raised this before a few times with your team. The online bookings is amazing BUT we are holding off bringing new services into the clinic or dare I say it considering looking at other software due to the fact the "select a service" screen has to much info on.

    Our patients and practitioners both have been saying they would prefer a step before select a service which is select a service, without the specific service on the screen. This way the "select a service screen is just a top list of services and when you select a service the specific services of that service drop down....

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