Minor improvements to contacts

We just released two minor improvements to contacts:

- You can now duplicate an existing contact.  Click on the contact you wish to duplicate and click the "duplicate" link at the bottom of the form.

- Contacts will now default to your country (previously they were all defaulting to Australia).

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    Any chance we could get a 'summary' screen when you click on a contact, with an option to edit (the same as with patients) rather than going straight into 'edit'?

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    Georgina Smith

    Can you add a "File Attachment" section for contacts? Thanks

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    Jim Sadusky

    What types of files would you look to attach to a contact Georgina?

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    Georgina Smith

    Mainly a PDF.
    Would like to add third parties and attach the contract we have with them.
    Would also love it if contacts link back to the patients.
    So I could click a doctor and see all the patients that we co manage.
    Thanks Jim

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