The data import is now more awesome

We just made a bunch of changes to the data import:

Spreadsheets can be bigger

Previously the data import struggled when you had more than a few thousand patients or products in your spreadsheet.  This is no longer the case and you won't need to break the spreadsheet into multiple parts any more.

File format issue is fixed

We had an issue where Microsoft Excel would save CSV files in a format that Cliniko could not recognise.  We have fixed this now so Cliniko can properly read CSV files from Excel.

Delete your own data imports


You can now delete your own data imports if you have made a mistake.  Deleting a data import will also delete all related records (eg. patients) so we only allow you to do this for up to 48 hours after you have imported (we don't want you wiping all your data out by accident after using Cliniko for months or years).

You can also now see a list of previous data that you have imported and get a copy of any records that didn't get imported.

General tidy up

We also took the opportunity to "tidy" things up behind the scenes.  We know it would be great if you could import more things and this will make it easier for us to add that in future.


We think you'll find importing your data much easier now.

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    Dr Matt Lynch

    Hi Joel, when you say "we know it would be great if you could import more things" does this mean that there is a plan to be able to import into contacts? We have a large database of doctors etc around the area who we would love to have on our contacts list. Thanks, Erin (on behalf of Matt)

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    Jim Sadusky

    That's right Erin.  We want to build a few more import tools to make moving data into Cliniko easier, and a lot of the things we did in this update will make it easier to build new import tools in the future.

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