Second group of changes from the Customer Development Day

We have just released the second batch of changes that we completed on the customer development day.  These are:

Show more messages per page on the notice board

We were previously showing just 5 messages per page on the dashboard notice board, we have changed this to 15 so you don't need to change pages as often.

Patient Archiving

You can now archive patients.  This effectively just makes them inactive.  You can always reactive them if you need to.


Undo Patient Arrived

We have now made it possible to undo the patient arrived status.


Notes on Payments

You can now add notes to payments.  These will appear not only on the payment itself, but also in the payment reports.  This is great for recording cheque numbers and similar information.


There are still a few more changes to be released as a result of our customer development day, we are just doing some final testing on those.

In case you missed it, yesterday we released the first group of changes from our development day, these were:

  • New appointments link on the tablet app
  • Search patients by reference number
  • Quickly add a new treatment note from the calendar
  • Highlight appointment when navigating from patient page
  • Show note icon on calendar for appointments with notes
  • Patient name is now clickable on the invoice
  • Appointment reports now show the appointment notes
You can see all the details of these here

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    Kevin Finnan

    Nice job guys! Loving Cliniko! 

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Thanks Kevin!

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