Add one-off availability

We just released a very heavily requested improvement.  You can now add one-off availabilities to the calendar.  You could already set your working schedule and block out one-off time if needed, but there was no easy way to make a time available without changing your whole schedule.

You can find the new availability option on the left of the calendar, it looks like this:


There are now also keyboard shortcuts to add "available" or "unavailable" blocks to the calendar.  Just press "a" or "u" respectively whilst on the calendar to get started.  As always, you can press "?" anytime in Cliniko to see what shortcuts are available for your current page.

We have also added a link to "Adjust the regular schedule" for administrators, to make it a bit easy to find where to change them (it will take you to Settings > Users and Practitioners).

Adding an Availability block looks like this:



We are excited to finally offer this functionality in Cliniko.

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    Philip Wulff

    Hi Joel/team, I've used this function alot and it works really well. However, I've noticed the online booking system does not recognise the new availability, hence does not translate as something the patients benefit from, only the staff who make the bookings. Can this be addressed so that patients see the availability when booking online please.?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Philip,

    It should affect online bookings, there must be something else at play here.  If you shoot details through to we'll have a look.


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    Can these one off availabilities be deleted?  I added one and then had to change it - but couldn't delete it - so then had to add an unavailability block - when I just wanted to go back to the regular hours for the practitioner. 



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    Jim Sadusky

    Not currently Jodi.  You'll need to create an unavailable block over-top of them.  Sorry!  We'll look to improve that.

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    Helena Davis

    Can you please add the option of being able to delete a 'one off availability'? I added one and then wasn't able to delete it.

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    Any idea when deleting the one-off availability will be implemented? I've just created one, made a mistake and had to add an unavailable block over it. Not urgent but makes it easier to use and tidier.

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