Creating and editing appointments are now much faster

We just made a change that greatly improves the speed of creating and editing appointments.  Previously when you clicked to create one or edit one there was a small delay before the create/edit popup appeared, this could be up to 2 seconds depending on your internet speed.  We have now changed this so that it is instant (we are pretty confident that instant is as fast as we can get it).    This should make a big difference over the course of a day creating many appointments. 

There were also a few minor aesthetic changes made that are in preparation for a coming improvement.

We made one other change too.  Now when creating an appointment, you will only be able to choose from appointment types that are allocated to that practitioner.  Don't worry if you haven't allocated any, it will just show them all then as it did before.

We think this is one of those small changes that will make a big difference.


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Based on feedback, we have changed the appointment header to blue.

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    Allied Therapy

    Was waiting for this. Big help.

    Thanks Joel.

    • Lawrence
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