Speed improvement for the appointment calendar

We just released an update that improves the speed of the appointment calendar.  This improvement is relative to the number of appointments you display on the page, those showing more will notice a bigger improvement (up to 30% faster).

This should affect loading the calendar and navigating between dates.

If you notice a difference, please do let us know in the comments.

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    Ian Lawson

    Yes, that is noticeably faster. Thanks!!

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    Joel Friedlaender


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    Phil Marshman

    It seems to be heaps faster to me too! 

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    Gloria Else

    Yes, much better speed. Thank you!

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    Luke MHC

    Great work so far Joel, How did you go with removing the practitioners from the days they are not working on the weekly view?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    @Luke no progress yet sorry.  We are a bit snowed under with other changes, we're currently working on:

    • Letter Writing

    • Integration with Xero

    • Usability/Bug fixes

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