Auto-removing white spaces from appointment type categories

We have found sometimes people accidentally put a white space at the start or end of their appointment type categories.  This can cause two separate categories to show up in online bookings (when it should be one).

Now when you save a category for your appointment types, we look to see if there is a leading or trailing white space, and if so, we remove it.

Every little thing helps!

UPDATE: We also applied this to Expense Vendor and Expense Category as per the request in the comments.

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    Jonathan Lubetzky

    Hi Joel, 

    That's great! I also noted that this can happen on the expenses tab when typing in the vendor or category causing 2 separate categories to come up in the expense report. Will this update also cover this?



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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Jonathan,

    It didn't cover that but I have just released another update that does, it should be live in a couple of minutes.  Thanks for the feedback.

    I will amend the above post to reflect this.


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