Not everyone likes our new current time indicator on the calendar

It turns out not everyone wants a little pink line showing them the current time.  We're okay with that, so we have added a setting to turn this off if you don't want it.  You will find this new setting at Settings > General.  If you do like the line, don't worry, we've defaulted it to on, so you don't need to do anything.


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    Richard Baggott la Velle

    It does feel like you are watching your life tick away.... (but I think I'll keep it!)

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Maybe we could add a ticking sound to the page.

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    Back into Balance

    if you're still at work and that line runs off the page you know you're in trouble :D

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    Allied Therapy

    Love the new feature. While trialling the software, I was upset to see you didn't have a line indicating current time. Then one day it just appeared. 



    -Happy Cliniko Customer.

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