Fixed an issue preventing some MailChimp integrations to fail

We found an issue that some peoples MailChimp integrations weren't working.  This was because the list they specified for Cliniko to push patients to had some required fields set up in MailChimp that we aren't sending information to.  MailChimp will then reject the patients and the integration doesn't work.

With this fix, when you attempt to connect Cliniko to integrate with MailChimp, we will check for any excess required fields and show an error that gives you enough information to resolve it. 

If you have had trouble with your MailChimp integration and patients weren't going across, please go to Settings > Integrations.  Remove your MailChimp API Key and List and save.  Now re-enter them and follow any error messages shown.  Most likely you will need to log into MailChimp and make sure the columns specified for the list are not "required".

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