Ability to flag appointment as "Did Not Arrive"

We have added the ability to flag appointments as "Did Not Arrive".  This will make it much easier to see when you had no-shows and also to bill for them. There were a bunch of peripheral changes we have also made to make this really work nicely for you.

You can now flag the appointment as "Did Not Arrive" (we also made the appointment window look a bit nicer)/


Appointments that didn't have the patient not arrive will show a small red person icon to indicate this.


In the patient's appointments page, you can see appointments where they did not arrive.  These will be highlighted in red.


We have changed the cancellations report to be a "Missed Appointments" report.  It will now include the "Did Not Arrive" appointments.

We also added more information to this new report to make it easier to bill your patients if needed.  The report will show if they received a reminder or not (and which reminder).  It will also have a link to create an invoice for that appointment right from the report.  If an invoice has already been created, it will just link to that invoice instead.  This will make it much easier to keep track of which missed appointments you have charged for.



This was the most requested feature from the customer development day that we didn't get to (it was too big for that day).  We are really glad to get it released and hope you find it helpful.  

I also just want to say a special thanks to our facebook followers.  We showed a preview of this change there recently and received some great feedback that helped us make it even better.  Particularly the improvements to the report in showing the reminder status and adding the invoice information, these were straight from your feedback.  If you don't already, please do "like" our page at http://www.facebook.com/cliniko.  It's a great place to stay up to date.

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    Ove Indergaard



    Great addition. Just a comment. The record payment should have its own button, and so should the notes and details sections, a bigger are to press would be great. Especially if accessing the internet version on tablet.


    keep up the good work

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Thanks for the feedback Ove, I agree.

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