Third group of changes from the Customer Development Day

We have just released the second batch of changes that we completed on the customer development day.  These are:

Show reminder sent as icon on appointments

We are now showing a green tick icon on appointments to indicate if an automatic reminder has been sent or not.  This will show if a reminder has been sent by SMS or Email.  If you click on the appointment, we will show ticks next to the phone number and/or email address to show where the reminder was sent to.


Business contact information

You can now enter contact information in for your business(es).  This will be displayed in the online bookings page, the email sent for online bookings confirmations, and optionally on your invoices too.  To have this on your invoice you will need to turn on the setting in Settings > Invoice Settings.   You can add your contact information from Settings > Business Information.



We still have more to come from the customer development day!

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    Erin Beeler

    Is it possible to 'Show reminder sent as icon on appointments' for manually reminded appointments - ie when we telephone people??

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    Great idea Erin.  Adding that to our todos.

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