First group of changes from the Customer Development Day

Our Customer Development Day has been amazing (and tiring).  We have had such an amazing response from everyone, we are very thankful for all the participation, ideas and just generally fun conversation.

We haven't slacked off either, we have gotten so many changes done today it's crazy.  We have just released the first bunch of them (there are too many to release at once).  This first release contains:

Appointments link on Tablet app

We have added a quick link to get back to the appointments page after completing a treatment note.  You can find this in the top right corner of the tablet app.


Search patients by reference number

You can now search for patients by their reference number (this is the reference number you can add for patients).  You can search on the patients tab, or when finding a patient for an appointment.


Quickly add a new treatment note from the calendar

It's now quicker to add a new treatment note from the calendar.  We changed the "Notes" link to "Add Note".  It will take you directly to adding a new note.


Highlight appointment when navigating from patient page

When you click on an appointment from the Patient > Appointments page, we now highlight the appointment you click on when you arrive on the calendar (it will flash).


Show note icon on calendar for appointments with notes

We now show a small note icon on any appointment that has an appointment note.


Patient name is now clickable on the invoice

It's now easier to navigate to the patients page after raising an invoice.  The patient name will be clickable and take you straight there.


Appointment Reports now show the appointment notes



That is everything for this first release we just deployed.  Really there is so much more and the biggest changes are yet to come (we release the rest tomorrow).  It was an amazing day and we think Cliniko is much better for it.

Thanks Everyone!

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  • Avatar

    Thanks again guys! Greatly appreciated :)

  • Avatar
    Tom Brough

    Looks great!!! Look forward to the continued updates

  • Avatar
    Allison Ottley

    YOU ROCK!  Thanks for taking the time on this, totally great ideas.  BIG LOVE!

  • Avatar
    Terry Wharton

    What happened to the "add note" on the appointment page. Mine seems to have disappeared.....

  • Avatar
    Tyraus Farrelly

    Yes, "add note" seems to have reverted back to pre-update note link!

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    We can't see why, but the "add note" change did get reverted on one of the later releases.  It wasn't intentional, and really isn't explainable (we have a very thorough version control system for Cliniko, and this remains a mystery).  We are bringing it back though, should be just a few minutes.

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