Attaching files to patients is now much easier

We have just released a major update to the patient file attachments page.  This release is really about making it faster and easy to attach files.  We also took the chance to improve our security a little and fix a couple of issues.

It is important to note that Internet Explorer users will not see most of the improvements.  Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support drag and drop files or multi-file uploads.  If you haven't already, I highly recommend upgrading to a better browser like Google Chrome (

How has it gotten easier and faster?

We made a few improvements here:

  • You can drag and drop files into Cliniko.
  • You can upload multiple files at once.
  • You don't need to refresh the screen to see when they are done.
  • There are progress bars showing you the upload status.
  • Validation has been improved so you know right away if the file can be uploaded or not.
Here is a quick video to show you how it works:

What security improvements were made?

We already kept your files very securely.  We do this by encrypting them during transfer (both to our servers and back to you).  We also store them in a very secure data hosting center (details here  The change we have just made is that now the files are encrypted at rest as well.  This means that after reaching our hosting server, we then encrypt them before saving them.  We decrypt them anytime you attempt to view it of course so you can still see it just fine anytime.

We felt the files were already very secure, but any time we find a way to go to the next level we will.

What issues were fixed?

We had a few issues where files with special characters in the names would not get processed correctly.  We have improved the validation so that you cannot upload these files, you will be given a message right away if this occurs.


We always enjoy adding new features to Cliniko, and most often that's what helps us get more customers.  In this case, we really just wanted to give you a much better experience with one of our existing features.  The technology to do so was released a few months ago and we love to stay at the forefront of usability and speed.

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    SwiftCurrent Podiatry


    Just tested the new file attachment process. Had a patient with 60 file attachments. High need client, needless to say. Cliniko uploaded all of them except one, due to a naming error on my part, in one drag and drop process. W have nearly 10,000 patients with a total of nearly 30,000 file attachments. This process will be much easier now. Thank you.

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