Multi-Location is here and it's super easy to use

We are really very excited to announce that Cliniko can now be used in multiple locations, sites, businesses... whatever you call them.  You can add a new business to your account very simply by going to Settings > Business Information and clicking the shiny new "Add Business" button.



Once you have done this, you should probably set up your practitioners availability for your new business.  You can do this by adding new practitioners, or editing the schedule of existing ones.  Practitioners can work at one or more businesses.  This can be done in Settings > Users & Practitioners.



Once you have done this you are ready to start booking in patients.  It's really easy to toggle between different businesses on the calendar with a feature we are calling "toggle between different businesses on the calendar".



That's pretty much it, it's really that easy.  All of your invoices, payments, expenses and reports have also been updated to take advantage of this functionality.  Your mobile and tablet apps have also been updated to let you view and create your appointments for any of your businesses.

Now I know some of you won't be using this new feature and are probably feeling a bit left out... well we have something for you too.  We have also changed the way provider numbers and other practitioner specific reference numbers work.  Previously you could just have one number for each practitioner, well now that has changed.  You can have as many provider/reference numbers as you like for each practitioner, you can even set them up specific to each business if you are using the new feature.  This is great for those of you that wanted practitioner ABN numbers or similar on your invoices.  You will find this in the practitioner page at Settings > Users & Practitioners, then click a practitioner.



We are really excited about this new update to Cliniko.  It is always a risk when you add a significant new feature to a software system that you are also going to introduce complexity... we think Cliniko is still as simple as ever and now even more powerful.

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    Andrew Aitken

    Awesome new feature!  Thanks!!!  Keep up the good work.

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    Rosie Scott

    This is fantastic. Is there any way to get back appointments that have been lost in transit (one practitioner who works at one of the 'new' sites now appears to have had no appointments before today. Might they be stored somewhere?
    Thank you!

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    Rosie Scott

    I found it thank you! Just closed her list on the original site too early...!

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    Chris Stapleton

    It's really amazing that you've provided this extra functionality free to all packages - incredibly generous :-)

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    Evan Lawson

    A couple of queries with regards to what is shared / what isn't between the sites if I add a second location.


    Do the patient files remain separate for each clinic? (In future if i was to sell one of the practices - i wouldn't want all the patient details crossed over)

    Are the appointment types shared - or separate?  (I charge a different concession rate at the two clinics - fiddly to keep changing all the time between clinics)

    Thanks,  obviously it will be easier if i can use cliniko multi-site, but I may need to do 2 individual accounts depending on the response.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Evan,

    Patient details are shared between the clinics.  

    Appointment types are also shared, however I know some of our customers have the same as you and are making it work.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.



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    Bradley Wu Billingsley

    I love the multisite as we have three sites. I'm noticing though that when I enter appointments for one site it does not blank out the same timeslot for the other sites. It would be nice if this feature could be added to make viewing easier when toggling sites.

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    Bradley Wu Billingsley

    Actually, it a massive problem as it is possible to book the same practitioner at the same time at two different sites so booking an appointment at one site will require the other site to be unavailable at this time. At this stage, we will have to manually create fake appointments in one site to avoid double-booking a practitioner. Is there plans to correct this?

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Bradley,

    Typically people set up their availability at the different businesses so that it highlights the times they are available at each place, would this work for you?


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    Hi Joel

    Bradley has a good point here. I run clinics on a once per fortnight basis and have tried the multi-location functionality but have had to revert to single location and use unavailable slots to mark where I'm supposed to be. One way to fix this would be to expand the practitioner availability planning, i.e. from the same every week to date specific.

    It maybe also useful for some to have a practitioner view to see what each practitioner is doing at all locations as well as the current location view (this could be as a report I guess).

    Hope that helps


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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Tim,

    We are on the verge of releasing repeat appointments (unless something goes wrong it will be tonight).  These "repeats" also apply to our unavailable blocks (create an appointment and select unavailable).  With this in place, you could make yourself available on Saturdays, but then create an unavailable block the repeats every 2 week and makes you unavailable.  This would achieve the result you are looking for.

    We do plan to make further changes like you suggest, but this is something you can do now (well when we release it tonight) without needing to wait.

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Steve Haines

    'It maybe also useful for some to have a practitioner view to see what each practitioner is doing at all locations as well as the current location view' from Acousticare

    Is this possible?



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    Morpheous Lewis

    The issue I have here is that I can be at any of the locations at anytime between my usual opening hours so I'm having to book an appointment in one calendar and then manually block that slot on the other 2 calendars which is a pain!

    I'd LOVE the ability to enable the option that auto blocked out the same slots on the other 2 calendars when I book an appointment in one so that slot became unavailable altogether across the 3 businesses/locations.

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    The Healing Table
    Can we have separate logos for the multiple businesses? My locations have different logos which I need printed on the invoices.
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    Where a practitioner operates from multiple sites at variable times over the course of a week / month, double booking is an ever-present consideration. The current configuration requiring swapping between different business calendars to check for double bookings is onerous, as is having to manually block the alternate calendars when an appointment is made. It would be great for Cliniko to automatically create appointment blocks or "markers" across all calendars for a practitioner when an appointment is made. Alternatively, can you create a consolidated view option of the appointment calendar for a practitioner across multiple sites?
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    Rita Gordon

    Hi. Any update re this query and request?

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