Performance Improvement to Calendar


A lot of the releases we announce here are new features that you can use. We do also spend a lot of time on behind the scenes techy goodness too (that's the official term for it).

I just wanted to share one of these today. In Cliniko, the most common action performed is loading the appointments calendar. This might be going to the appointments tab, or just changing dates on the calendar.

We do a lot of monitoring on Cliniko and found that one of the queries running on that page was too slow (specifically the query that gets information on invoices to show the $ symbol on the appointments). It was taking 200ms to run (about 1/5 of a second), it should be much less.

We just released a change this morning to improve the performance of that query. You can see in the image what the improvement was. It now takes approx 5ms to run instead of 200ms.

It may not be something you notice when using Cliniko, but the collection of all these minor improvements we make are what keeps it running fast. It is also why Cliniko is faster now than it was 6 months ago despite our rapid growth in users.

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