Lots of small changes

We have just released a lot of minor updates:

Mobile calendar date picker

We added a button to bring up a date picker on the new mobile calendar (you could already get this by tapping on the date at the top, but not everyone knew that).


Performance improvement for patients tab

The patients tab will now load faster.

Patient arrived

You can now still mark a patient as arrived after an invoice has been raised for that appointment (previously the patient arrived button was hidden once a invoice was created).

Fixed issue with calendar live updating invoices

When an invoice is created, the calendar will show the invoice icon immediately on the appointments.  It was not however updating the "record payment" link in the appointment details hover.  This has now been fixed and will prevent multiple invoices being raised.

Require patient address in online bookings

You can now require patients to enter their address when booking in online.


Minimum advance time for online bookings

You can now specify the minimum amount of time before online bookings time slots are shown.


Negative Payments

Payments can now be entered with negative amounts (useful for refunds).

Fixed issue with available times and ad blockers

People with ad blocker plugins were unable to change their availability times.  This was a crazy bug that we managed to find.  In the code on our page, we had an element called "ad_container"... this was an abbreviation for Available Days Container.  Unfortunately plugins looking to block ads did not know this was an abbreviation and thought it was a container for ads.  We have since renamed our element and it works fine.  I thought I would mention the details of this one to show why some things are tricky to find and fix.

Account Statements Invoice To

Account statements now get the "Invoice To" information from the patient default invoice to field.  If you want to product the account statement addressed to the patient, there is a option to override and do this.


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    David Birley

    Thanks for the mobile calendar fix! I often wanted to go back beyond the current day - when out & about - but couldn't... now I can... :-)  Oh & thanks for all the other updates... Thanks for fixing the batch invoice issue as well... What would be extra awesome as if you could include a checkbox to pull across the "extra invoice info" field as well. This box is where you put your Direct deposit/payment information so that when paying the invoice - they can see where/how to pay you... :-)  Perhaps put that on the right side (if it's chosen) of the invoice when it's generated?? Cheers, Dave

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