A bunch of minor improvements and fixes

We just released a bunch of very minor improvements:

Added Medical Alerts to Patient Export

All of your medical alerts for each patient will now be included in the Patient Export (Settings > Data Exports)

Fixed Notes Box Bug on Patient Page

We had an issue where the notes box would get very large if you had a lot of text in it, it now scrolls as it should.

Edit & Delete Buttons on top of Patient Page

We have added "Edit Patient Details" and "Delete Patient" buttons to the top of the patient page (they are still at the bottom as well).


Fixed Issue with Patient Appointments Stat on Patient Tab

We fixed an issue that sometimes caused an incorrect number to be displayed at the top of the patients search page.


Practitioner Name Clickable on Calendar Filter

Previously you needed to click the checkbox to select the practitioner for display on the calendar, now you can click their name as well.  It just means you don't need to be as accurate.  Is this change too small to be mentioned in our update notes?... probably.  Is it too small for it's own screenshot?... no way!


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