Warning on login if your browser is old

Unfortunately not all web browsers behave the same when visiting websites or web applications like Cliniko.  As developers of a web application this can be frustrating.  What really holds us back though is that new technologies become available that allow us to make Cliniko faster and easier to use, but the older versions of these browsers don't support the new technologies.  Now we have a choice of:

1. Don't use the new technologies available so that people with older browsers can still use Cliniko (a lot of people aren't using the latest version of browsers).

2. Use the latest technologies because we want Cliniko to be as good as possible, and try to get our customers over to newer versions of the browsers available.

We have decided to go with option 2.  We still work hard to make sure Cliniko will work on the older browsers, but it won't be as good as if you used a newer browser.  To help our customers know whether their browser is new enough, we now check your browser version while you are logging in, and display this screen if your browser is old.



As you can see, it still lets you log in with an old browser, but we strongly encourage you to upgrade it.

We hope this helps you keep your browser up to date and it lets us use the technologies needed to make Cliniko great.

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