Appointment Types now have categories

You can now add categories to your appointment types.  This is particularly useful for multi-disciplinary clinics where you might want to specify Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Podiatry etc. as the category.   It looks like this when you're adding or editing an appointment type:


This is how the appointment types list in the settings area now looks:



What affect does this have throughout Cliniko?

Not much yet.  We are about to bring in some features that utilise this new category, but currently it will only affect the sorting order of your appointment types (it will bunch categories together).  Very soon though it will impact:

- Which appointment types a practitioner is linked to so that it's easier when creating an appointment

- Online bookings which is coming very soon will also utilise these categories

- The category will be displayed along side the appointment type where ever it appears in Cliniko.

Perhaps this isn't a big change yet, but it's a small step towards some big improvements we have coming.

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