A few minor changes to appointments and a change to the iPad app

We have just released some improvements you have asked for:

iPad/Tablet: Quicker navigation to treatment notes

You can now jump straight to treatment notes for the patient right from their appointment in the iPad/Tablet app.


Appointment types are now sorted by name

Previously appointment types were sorted by the order you entered them into Cliniko, they are now sorted by name.  This affects the drop down list when creating a new appointment and also the settings page where you can administer the appointment types.  If you have found this change has affected the "default" appointment type selected when creating a new appointment, you just need to set a default for each of your practitioners explicitly.  This can be done in the Settings > Users and Practitioners page.

Increased maximum appointment duration to 6 hours

Previously the maximum duration for appointments was 2 hours, this has now been increased to 6 hours. 

Fixed appointment email reminders formatting issue

We had an issue occurring where the line breaks (new lines) were not appearing correctly in the reminder emails sent to patients, this has now been fixed.

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