Huge speed improvements!!!

We have been working very hard on improving Cliniko's speed lately.  This isn't because Cliniko has been slow, far from it, it is probably the fastest practice management system around already... but we aren't content with that.  We knew there were more performance gains to be had, and now we have them.

Across the board, everything in Cliniko is now a little bit quicker.  For those that care about the technical details, we have been doing some database optimisation and have improved the speed of accessing data (this literally means every page in Cliniko is a bit faster).

We have also made some very big improvements to the speed of our reports, we think you will find these changes very noticeable.

We have one more change coming soon for performance, it will be speeding up creating appointments on the calendar, we have an exciting improvement that will be released there shortly.  Then we are back to adding the features you have been requesting.

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    Radd Peters

    Faster, Faster! haha

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Agreed.  We are back on feature development for now, but we have performance in our sights again for after that.

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    Radd Peters

    Of course. Features are awesome!

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