Timeouts fixed for all reports

Some of the busier clinics were experiencing timeouts on the daily payments report and also the practitioner revenue reports.  We have made a change to most of the reports so that this will not happen anymore.  The key change is for reports that list lots of items (eg. The daily payments report listing every payment).  With these reports, they will now list just the first "bunch", and there will be a "more" button you can click to have it expand further and show the next "bunch".  The reason I am calling it a "bunch" is that the number of items varies per report depending on how intensive it is to show that item.  For example the expenses report might list items 50 at a time, whereas daily payments could be at 15.  The summaries at the top of the reports haven't changed, they will always summarise all information that is contained in the full report.

Keep in mind, this will only affect you if your report contains more items than the "bunch".  If so, you will see this at the bottom of your report:


Clicking the more button will show the next "bunch", in this case, the last 9 items.  Once they are all shown, it will look like this:


If you are going to print the report and you need all of the detail items, you will just need to click the more button to expand the report before printing.

I know this may be a few extra clicks for you if you are needing to see all of the details, but I am sure the time saving the rest of the time will more than make up for it (not to mention no more timeouts).

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback.  Please let us know how you find this change.

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