New receipt for multi-invoice payments

New payment receipt

We now have a receipt for payments that you can print or save as PDF.  Previously all receipting was done via the invoice, but this will help for payments that are for multiple invoices.  You will now see a new "Print" button on all of your payments in Cliniko.





Account statement now includes Item Codes

The account statement will now show item codes next to each item description.

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    Tyraus Farrelly

    Great work! 

    For insurance purposes though, it still does'nt quite comply, can we have the account statement showing the charges for each item code of each invoice?  At the moment it gives a total for the invoice regardless of how many items are charged to each invoice, insurance companies require charges per item code to be displayed.



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    Joel Friedlaender

    Will do Tyraus, I will have some updates for the account statement this week.  Thanks for the feedback.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Just made a minor adjustment to only show the outstanding balance if there is one.

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    Joel Friedlaender

    Based on feedback I have removed the outstanding balance and account credit from the receipt. 

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