New options for invoicing to 3rd parties and some other improvements

We have just updated Cliniko with more of your requested changes:

Default "invoice to" for patients

You can now set a default "Invoice to" for each patient.  This makes it easier to send the invoice to 3rd parties without needing to type it in each time you raise the invoice.  You can find this new option on the patient page.


Email invoice to 3rd party

You can now email invoices to a 3rd party as well as the patient.  There is a new field in the patient page that you can enter the 3rd party email address into, when you have done this, you will see a new email button on the invoice.  Holding your mouse over the email button will show you the address it will send to.


New practitioner filter on the outstanding invoices report

You can now filter the outstanding invoices by practitioner, or you can still view for the whole practice like before.


Phone and Tablet apps can now be used by admin users too

Previously only practitioners could use the mobile apps, now anyone can (well anyone that is a user in your Cliniko account).  Permissions are still applied like normal, so not everyone sees the treatment notes.


Fixed issue with daily payments report total

We also fixed an issue that was introduced to Cliniko yesterday with our performance update.  The total field on the daily payments report will now show the correct value again. Sorry!


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    Silverstone Sports & Remedial Massage

    Hey Guys


    i think this is a really great feature, although to be honest it does not totally solve the problem for me.   We work with an external physio clinic and with a couple of professional sporting funding organisations who we bill at the end of each month.

    What would be really brilliant would rather than adding an ad hoc address and dropping into an invoice, have the ability to have a drop down of predetermined contacts/cients that we could choose from, otherwise, it involves a lot of copy/pasting!   Also to have the ability to search and select these records and collate at the end of the month or which ever reconciling period.

    Does that make sense?



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    Joel Friedlaender

    Hi Nick,

    That makes sense.  I had some discussions with another customer this morning about 3rd party billing and have some new ideas to improve it which would cover your scenario.  It's likely this won't happen til around February/March of next year, but that's not so far away anymore.

    Thanks for providing your thoughts here.


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    Stephanie Everett

    Hi Joel, 

    I absolutely love being able to save the 'invoice to' details, and the new 'email other' feature!!

    Just wondering if there could be a way to personaile the email message that is sent when emailing the invoice. I noticed it still automatically addresses the email to the patient, which isnt appropriate when emailing to insurers etc. It would also be really helpful for me to include instructions regarding payment methods etc in the accompanying email message.  



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    Joel Friedlaender

    Good ideas thank you.  I will set it up so that you can choose a different email message for the "to patient" and the "to other" emails.  I am not sure when I can get this in, but will add to our todos.

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    Stephanie Everett


    Thanks heaps Joel! 

    • Steph. 
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