Improved file attachments feature

We have just made a small improvement to the file attachments feature.  We now detect the type of file that you have attached and allow it to open up right in the browser.  If it is a file type that can't open in the browser (eg. word document), it will be downloaded for you instead.  This should make it much easier to view the attachments you have uploaded.

Attachments will also now look a little different, previously they looked like this:


Now the icons will reflect the type of file it is:


We have also retrospectively updated all of your previously uploaded files so that they have this benefit.

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    Craig Gordon

    Question - How do I display two or more documents together for comparative purposes?

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    Emily Gable

    Hi Craig! There are a couple of options here. You could download the documents you need to look at and open them on your computer (each as individual files) and display them side-by-side; alternatively, you could open each document in a new tab in your browser and click back and forth between the tabs. You could also open the different documents in different browser windows (as opposed to tabs) and then move the windows around to be next to one another. I hope this helps! :) Let us know if you have any other questions!

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