A few minor improvements

We have just updated Cliniko with a few minor improvements/fixes.

Daily Payments Report is now faster

We made some minor performance improvements to the daily payments report. It should now be a little quicker.


Patient file attachments with spaces in filename now appear correctly

Previously any spaces in the filenames of attachments you upload were getting replaced with "_20", so a file like "cool xray.png" would be "cool_20xray.png".   I know your probably thinking replacing spaces with "_20" is a bit weird, we agreed and have stopped doing it.


Intermittent SMS Purchasing bug fixed

We had an issue where sometimes purchasing SMS credits would appear to not work when really it did.  This had caused a few people to buy SMS credits twice (don't worry, we didn't steal their money, we sorted it out).  We have now fixed this problem though so it won't happen again.  When you purchase SMS credits now, there will be a slight delay before it updates in your system (less than a minute usually), this is so we can process and verify the transaction properly.  If for some reason the transaction doesn't go through, you will get a friendly* email to let you know.


* We don't promise the email will be friendly, it depends on the mood of Cliniko at the time.

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