Login screen looks nicer and a minor bug fixed

We have updated Cliniko with some minor improvements.

Nicer login screen

We just redesigned the Cliniko website (check it out and let us know what you think http://www.cliniko.com) and we thought we would also update the Cliniko login page that has long been neglected.  It's not a big difference, but has a bit of color now.



FIxed an issue with appointment height when creating new appointments

We had an issue when creating new appointments that the block on the calendar that appears was not always the right height for the appointment, the appointment was still saving as the correct duration but it looked a bit weird while making the appointment.  This has now been fixed.

There was also an issue with the new reschedule function where the appointments weren't always being rescheduled with the correct duration, this has now been fixed as well.

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