Rescheduling appointments just got much easier

It's now much easier to reschedule an appointment.  Previously you could drag and drop the appointments, but that only helped if you were moving it within the same week.  Now it's easy to reschedule an appointment no matter where you're moving it to.   There is a new option down next to the existing cancel and delete options, surprisingly it's called "Reschedule". It looks like this:


Once you click reschedule, you will be in "Reschedule Mode". This is very similar to our existing "Book Next Appointment" function.  You can navigate to any date and click on the calendar where you would like to move the appointment to.  After a confirmation message, the appointment will be shifted.  You will know you are in "Reschedule Mode" because this will be shown at the top of the calendar:


Don't worry about the awful green in my screenshot above, the color will be based on the type of appointment you are shifting.  As you can see, it's also easy to cancel rescheduling with the "Cancel" link to the right.

We also added a confirmation message to the drag and drop rescheduling so you don't do it by accident anymore.

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    Kevin Finnan

    An excellent feature! I never knew that I wanted this until it was there. Works perfectly. 

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    Andrew Ferrari
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