Calendar practitioners remembered and more

We have just updated Cliniko with a few more minor improvements.

Calendar practitioner choices remembered

The calendar will now remember which practitioners you have chosen to display.  This will work if you change between screens, or even on different computers.  This will make it much easier to view just your schedule without having to click it each time.


Age of less than 1 year olds now correctly shown

On the patient page, previously the age of anyone under 1 year old would be shown as "0 years old", now we correctly show the age in Months.


Changed email address that Cliniko sends you emails from

Some of the notifications you receive from Cliniko were coming from (these are notifications to you, not to your patients). was not a mailbox that you could send emails to, and we do want you to be able to reply easily.  All emails from Cliniko will now come from a monitored email address (ie.  Sorry about the old one, I guess we just followed old practices that businesses usually employ, without actually thinking it through.

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