Choose when your SMS and Email appointment reminders are sent

We have just updated Cliniko with an improvement to our automated SMS and Email reminders.

Choose when your appointment reminders are sent

Previously appointment reminders (SMS and Email) were sent out 24 hours before an appointment.  We had feedback from quite a few of you that you would like to specify what time of the day the SMS reminders go out, you also wanted to choose how many days in advance the reminder goes out, and lastly you might want reminders for Monday to be sent out on Friday so your patients can call during work hours if they need to change the appointment.  We have now added a few simple settings that let you control all of this.  The good news is the reminders are still completely automated, so they go out whether you turn your computer on or not.

The new settings can be found in the appointment reminders page of the settings area. They look like this:


In order to handle this correctly, we also had to add a "Time Zone" field to your account settings. This is so we know to send your messages out at 10am your time, not 10am in another country (that would be much less handy but slightly amusing).  The new setting can be found in the general page of the settings area.  We have set this already for you, but please check to make sure it's right for your account (it should be).


We have set the defaults for all of your accounts to send reminders 1 day before the appointment at 10am. This is the closest to the previous functionality and means you can do nothing and you won't notice much difference.

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    Idael Perez

    Great improvements Joel. Cliniko is getting such a power that soon almost all Massage Therapists will be using it. Thanks for your effort and empathy.

  • Avatar
    Joel Friedlaender

    Thanks Idael.

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    Mismoe K

    Hi there, on the appointment reminders page, under 'General' I have tried many times to check the first box for default reminder to apply to all existing clients. When I go to save settings, I am told settings were successfully saved, but the box goes back to being unchecked. Any thoughts? I tried on my pc, iPad and iPhone. Thanks for the great software, I'm enjoying the trial!

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    Jim Sadusky

    Hey Mismoe,

    That tickbox will change all your patients individual settings in a once-off fashion.  So if you go into one of your patient's details pages, you'll see an Automated Reminder setting:

    The box will untick so you can set everyone to another setting in the future if you would like (for example, to remove email reminders).

    Hope this helps!

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    Courtney Lyons

    is there any way of sending out an email and a text on different days?
    For example, sending out an email reminder 2 days before, and then an SMS reminder 1 day before?

  • Avatar
    Jim Sadusky

    There is not Courtney, sorry! We've had a few requests for multiple reminder times, so it's an idea that's on our radar, but not something that we've set out to start building into Cliniko yet. Thanks for the question/feedback though!

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