More improvements you asked for

We have just released another update for Cliniko with some new features you asked for, and also some issues you reported.

Patient Address Lines

You told us that some patients have addresses that don't fit in two lines, so we have added an optional 3rd address line for patients.


New Payments Data Export

We have added another data export to CSV (spreadsheet) file. This will include all of the payments you have in Cliniko, including a breakdown by payment type.  This is great if you want your own backups, but also might be handy to import into your accounting systems like Xero or MYOB.


Extra Business Info on Invoices

We have added a new "Extra Business Information" field to the invoice settings. This gives you a text area that you can add additional information that will appear under your businesses address on invoices. We expect this to be used for contact details, or possibly even your bank details if appropriate.


Issues Fixed

- Invoices will no longer have large sections of blank space if they span over multiple pages (this applies to invoices and the account statement)

- Lengthy notes on the account statement will no longer be able to cover the summary numbers

- Fixed an issue where a patient's state and city would not show up on the invoice if they didn't have a postcode

- Fixed an issue that was causing some patients to be unable to open the PDF invoices that were emailed out (depending on their email program)

- Fixed the sorting on the payments and outstanding invoices reports to correctly sort chronologically

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